Knowing Christ in Psalm 5 (pt. 3 of 4)

I encourage you to open your Bible. Look at those words on the pages. Do you know what Providence brought these precious words to you? Preserved for millennia, and though some have attempted to destroy it, it grows more readily available in more languages every year. Some only dream of having a complete copy of God’s Word.

Is your Bible this precious?

And why do you read it? Do you not read the Bible to know God?

What are we seeing about God in Psalm 5?

He gives His ear.

He considers our groaning and also groans deeper (Romans 8:26).

He receives our prayer as early as we send it (in the morning).

He delights. But not in wickedness.

He brings David into His house through His abundant love. But He hates evildoers. He casts out David’s enemies because of their abundant transgressions.

God hears those who fear Him. God trips those who boast. Their open mouths become their own open graves.

Lying, falling, self-destructing rebels.


Crying, bowing, ever singing refugees.

To Christ, refugees run. Protected. Rejoicing. Righteous but not self-righteous. Rather, they are led in the LORD’s righteousness, by the Lord Himself. Protected and blessed.

Grace is their shield.

They love the name of the LORD and delight in His glory.


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