Knowing Christ in Psalm 15 (pt. 1 of 2)

by Michael Todaro

We are starting our 15th week in the Psalms, so as I skimmed back over the first 14 Psalms, I found myself writing the same two words… In fact, if I had to title the Psalms so far, I would have to call them “The refugee & the Refuge.”

It’s also clear that the Psalms are Trinitarian. The Psalms are prayers, meditations, and praises by God, through God, to God. Think about it. The Psalms were inspired by the Holy Spirit (by God). The Psalms were prayed and sung by the Lord Jesus Himself (through God). And the Psalms are directed (primarily) to God the Father.

Who shall sojourn in Your tent?

In light of Psalm 14:3, no one. Because there is none who does good.

Who shall dwell in Your holy hill?

We know this one from Psalm 2:2, 6, 12. The Anointed Son, the King of Zion, the Refuge–He has been set by God on the holy hill.

What about us? Can we sinners sojourn in God’s tent? Can we dwell on God’s holy hill?

Verses 2-5 seem to say we can. Check it out. Look up Psalm 15.

So, does that mean we can achieve the right to be in God’s presence by being good, moral people?

Is this a prescription for what to do to get to heaven? Is it only a description of Jesus? Should we try to obey these things or is that just Old Testament stuff that doesn’t apply to us?

Meditate on that. Pray Psalm 15 to the Father. Think about how Jesus prayed. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you ears to hear.

Dear refugee, what is your refuge? Will you be moved (Psalm 15:8)?



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